Is your website mobile friendly?

Be Prepared to Overcome ‘Mobilegeddon’!

This Is the right time to make your website mobile friendly.on April 2015 Google rolled out a update to its search engine that definitely impact your website ranking if its not mobile friendly.

What is a mobile friendly website?

A mobile friendly website is one that displays content of your website correctly on portable devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets. Fast loading, easy menu and navigation, easy to read and touch to click are the most important feature that every mobile friendly websites should have.

What if My Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly?

Can these problems be fixed? Yes.
Can they be fixed quickly and easily? It depends on the current state of your website. In some cases, only few minutes of work may fix it,but In other cases, a complete website redesign may be required.

How to check?

How to check?
Luckily Google has a easy tool to check. If you don’t already know that your website is mobile friendly or not, Test and analyze it by clicking link below.
Mobile-Friendly Test

At the end.

If you find your website is not mobile friendly or if you need to redesign your current website Contact us.